Life in Cannes?

I have about 8 days left here before we leave for PARIS. The lifestyle here is very relaxed. I like how people here are really really kind.

They would stop and give way to people when they are crossing the road every time. Personally,i find it admirable. It shows that they are polite and patient.

Cannes is a beautiful small town with pretty clear skies and wind that chills you to the bones. As long as i’ve been here, it has not rained yet. All i see is clear blue skies and flowers by the street.

Do not be fooled by the sun as the heat is not enough to beat out the cold wind.  I guess the hottest start can’t beat out a cold soul eh? JOKES.


The sea is blue. And like just like the sea, people here have clear blue eyes.

I’ve been walking around quite a lot. Cant wait for more! When we’re done with the scenes here, we’ll be moving around a lot more. Sadly my journey would end in Paris. But i’m looking forward to Monte Carlo and i hope i’ll get to set my feet there!

Au revoir.


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