Day 1

D-DAY!! The long awaited day has arrived and we were stoked.

We started our journey in the afternoon. We took the bus to KLIA 2 since it was the cheaper option and we find it quite troublesome for all 14 of us to Uber to the airport. We gathered in One Utama and some had their breakfast there. We departed to KLIA at 1 pm.

Fast forward, we touched down in Langkawi at 6PM. Our flight was delayed due to congestion in the air traffic. Such luck! We were hovering for 15 minutes before we got to land. Once we landed, we had to rush to the entrance and we got our transportation settled. We rented two innovas for our 4 days stay and it costed us RM 1050 for each car. The price is on the higher end because we were there during the peak season. Plus, LIMA was scheduled to happen during our stay too  –sigh-

Luck wasn’t on our side, the traffic leading to our hotel (Malibest) was horrible and it took us a good 30 mins to get there. As if the traffic was not enough, we had troubles looking for parking because the hotel DO NOT provide parking spaces for their visitors smh.

We found out that we were not supposed to park our car on the left side of the road to ensure ‘smooth’ traffic. After all that hassle, we were supposed to move our car and park it properly. But we didn’t. We left our car there as we couldn’t think of anywhere else to head to. The traffic was so congested.

Once we settled down, we went straight to the beach for a chill session. We didn’t get to catch the sunset because of the delays we had. We spent the evening shopping at The Zone (LOL).

Later at night, we chilled by the beach and we had fun talking to each other. Talk about quality time! We sat by the beach in circle with candles around us while snacking on the chocolates and other junks that we bought earlier. It rained after a while, so we had to move. Despite the fact that we have to wake up early for our activities the next day, we stayed out pretty late anyways. That’s pretty much it for our first day in Langkawi. We didn’t get to do much but nothing beats out great bonding moment with my fight fam ❤


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