Day 3

I had a short nap of only 3 hours. Nevertheless, I was still energetic and I have no idea from where did I managed to tap out the energy from.

After a quick shower and a hustled hair drying session, voila! I’m ll ready for our next location which is the infamous Seven wells waterfall (Telaga tujuh).

I wasn’t expecting a tough hike but what I had to go through threw me off the cliff. The trail was easy but the gradient was really steep and it knocked the air out of me.

When we got to the top, I seems like we were not very satisfied so a few of us decided to venture more into the woods to look for more. According to our chris, he said that he remembered he hiked up about 10 mins there before to find a waterfall. We gave him the benefit of doubt and we followed him in. The path started to get harder as we go in deeper and the place seems untouched. The environment gave out a very eerie feeling to it but I brushed the thoughts off.

After 10 mins of struggling in, we came to a dead end where it is almost impossible for us to go thru. My friend almost fell and another one got bitten by a leech. We made a turn back to tell the others about our little adventure.


After catching up our breath, I went into the clear and cold water. It was really deep with most of the wells; adding up to more than 5ft of depth.


We had fun sliding down the rocks and I almost drowned after steeping into a small hole smh.

As the evening approaches we made our way back to the hotel. Unfortunately, we got into an accident. Our friend managed to swerve right and our car did not topple over. It was pretty intense but thank god everyone’s alright. We settled the problem with the guy who banged into us as he admitted that it was his fault for not paying attention to the road.

Fast forward, we spent the night chilling by a beach bar and then went back to our rooms. Another day, DONE.


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