Day 2 –Part 1


I WOKE UP LATE!! Well it’s my fault for staying up so late the night before. If it were not for my friend who gave me a wakeup call (Thanks dan) I would have missed the bus! Well after getting ready, we had to ‘run’ for the bus. We were running behind schedule and sadly the guys on the bus weren’t very friendly. I had to talk(more like beg) them to wait for my the others. Now, the bus ride from our hotel to the jetty took about an hour. We stopped by the hotels by the road to pick up others who bought the snorkelling package too.

Here comes the funny part, turns out that NONE of us brought extra clothes to change into HAHA we were laughing over how absurd the situation was. That was one major face-palm moment! We waved it off and started applying sunscreen. When we arrived at the jetty, I was really impressed because the jetty was really ‘atas’ (that’s my way of saying posh ). We took our own sweet time to walk down the jetty.


When we saw our ride, we were rather surprised because we weren’t expecting a big ferry to transport us to Pulau Payar ( do your research ahead guys, don’t be like me.) The moment we stepped into the ferry, we were given life jackets. They are to be worn later during our snorkelling session. The ferry was divided into two levels and we took our seats in the bottom part. The journey from the jetty to the island consumed another hour off the clock. We were freezing throughout the journey because the ac was blasted to its max. My plan to catch a quick nap went seeping thru the ferry cracks, down into the sea because it was too cold,it was impossible to even shut my eyes for a while! The blame is definitely on me (us) because we weren’t dressed for the occasion. As you can see, the crew wore very..’beachy’(please get my pun) clothes. While suffering, a thought hit us like the tsunami. We didn’t bring change so hour are we supposed to survive through our ride back later?!

After a thousand blinks, we got to the beach. At the look of the crystal clear waters, we were extremely excited! We had to transfer to a smaller boat as the bigger ferry wouldn’t be able to get thru the (dead) corals.

We made our way to the designated base to get our snorkelling gear. It was easy for the guys since they can simply swim around with their tops off but if were to do that HAHAHA I would end up as a laughing stock. And no, even if it was legal I don’t think I’d do that so I’d give that a pass. NO NO.

We changed and hurried to the beach without wasting anymore time. I stepped into the waters with excitement. It was my first time ever on a clean island where the water is crystal clear. I’ve been seeing murky waters of Selat Melaka all my life so the glass-like water really had my attention.


It has been quite long since I last swam but I am glad that I did not made a fool out of myself. Yes,even with a life jacket on. I ventured out with the team at first but we parted ways and embarked on an adventure on our own.

After a while, we met on a platform at the end of the snorkelling area and oh boy it was really hard for ME to climb up. I guess I’m too heavy now sobs. After a few attempt of getting up, the boys finally managed to pull me up. Hooray to a fantastic team work!


We swam among cute coral fishes and a few baby shark. A swordfish even made an appearance infront of us! It was quite scary and I jumped back because jumped off the waters and glided thru right before our faces.

We went back up to our base for a quick lunch before we jump right back into the water. A few hours passed by and after I ended up looking like a pure-tanned-island girl, we decided to call it a day and we got back up to prepare for our (cold) journey back home.

GOPR1417 (1).jpg

In the ferry, we became the team who were clad in towels.

That’s it for this part, I’ll continue in Part 2 for day 2!



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