Day 2- Part 2


We got back to our hotel after a very cold ride. I didn’t even bother changing, I went straight to the beach for another dip with those who didn’t join us for snorkelling. It was a beachy day indeed.

IMG_20170404_221745_661.jpg After a few exchanges of opinions, we decided to rent a banana boat that evening! The banana boat guy took us quite far off the shore before making a sharp turn that toppled us off. After 2 falls, we got back to the shore for a chill session. It was a fun evening. We got to enjoy the sunset too!

Right after dinner, we went to the beach again and chilled around. The sky was clear so I took the chance to stargaze.

A few left after the night has gone deeper but I stayed with a few others. From sitting down, I used my towel and put it down on the sand as a cover for me to lie on. The view was amazing and it took my breath away. I could stay there all night. We hung around and chatted till idk when. Since it was already late at night, or should I say morning, we decided to stay and wait for the sunrise. We even fell asleep for a while before we woke up to a total silence. 2 already left to look for food and only 2 of us were left in the dark. All we had to illuminate the dark was a few dying candles that we had from the previous night. Not like it mattered since we were focused on the view.

Fast forward, the clock shows 6.30 and I was eager for the sun rise. Only then I realised something.

The moment of realisation.


Chenang beach is famous for its sunset so if the sun were to rise there that means we’re set for doomsday.


Despite the fact that the sun rose from the other side, the sky was painted beautifully. We put in quite a lot of effort just to get a good shot. A+ for effort.

2017-03-26 07.38.17 1.jpg

We enjoyed the view before walking back to our room. Day (and night) well spent!


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