After a few days here, there’s something that i’d really like to point out.

I enjoy people-watching so there is one thing that i noticed about people here. Compared to our ‘social life style’, people here are really, really social.



Here, people rarely look down to their phones. As i am writing this down in this tiny cafe, locals are sitting down over a cuppa and talking to each other. I think it is pretty hard to find this in KL.

They greet everyone with “Bonjour’

and wave goodbye with “Au revoir”.

While in Malaysia?

We greet everyone with “yo” on Whatsapp.

and waltz out with a “gtg” on whatsapp.

That’s rather sad, to see technology consuming us. I am using myself as an example. My airbnb has no wifi and life has been HELL, after i acknowledged the fact that i am not “connected” with the rest of the world. The anxiety kicked in hard and it has NOT been easy. That shows how addicted i was with the internet.

I’d walk around just to look for wifi when i’m not working and when im connected, the rush that i get is unbelievable. The surge of relief. It shows that i’ve been so deprived, i could not function really well.

It scares me to know how addicted i am. But i’m coping with it well now. I am fighting of the anxiety that i get every night.

I am hoping that this time i get with limited connection will help me to get more connected with the real world.

Au revoir.


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