I watched the so-called-GAY movie.


After a few debates of whether the movie will be shown in our boleh-land or not,they finally gave it a green light and the Disney classic is finally out!!

I grew up being a boyish girl but that does not mean i spent my entire childhood with robots and cars. I still watch cartoons and i really liked watching disney princesses. (My favorite is still my one and only MULAN hohoho)

Anyway, without beating around the bush, i shall proceed and talk about what i think of this live remake.

I stepped inside the cinema with SUPER HIGH EXPECTATIONS, because i really loved Beauty and the beast. Plus, they have my-forever-girl-crush,Emma Watson as the lovely Belle! I sat down and after 15 minutes,i was still munching on my popcorn while waiting for the movie to start ==’

20 minutes in, the lights dimmed and the movie started. God bless. The movie started with a narration (you can’t have a fairy tale without narration, can you?) and the moment they panned the camera towards Belle, i lost my **** and i fangirled so hard.


The remake was pretty much the same as the classic cartoon and personally, i liked how they shoot the scenes with such details. The small provincial town in France was portrayed so nicely,i feel like jumping into the screen right then!

Sadly,i was really tired on that night and i was cursing myself for choosing the last slot ( the show was at 12.50am if ya’ll are wondering) I had a hard time staying awake throughout the show especially in the middle when they were singing  (a lot).

It is unfair for me to give an honest review when i was barely in the right state of my mind, but one thing i surely remember was the great graphics. I was really impressed by the CGI effects. It made everything looked so real,i thought i was actually dreaming. (you may blame my state of mind at that time lol)

When they transitioned to the scene where the danced in the ballroom, ‘manly’ tears were almost shed. I’ve got goosebumps when the song “Beauty and the Beast” played.

They had some actions going on at the end and that kept me awake. Luke Evans portrayed Gaston’s character very well, i felt like jumping in and throw him one good knock out punch (one can dream) and knock some senses into him. He portrayed the character of a conservative man so well, for a while i hated the species called ‘men’.

As much as i was hoping for a tragic ending

The ending was as expected. It was beautiful,dreamy,mesmerizing, and impossible. If you like musical, you’d definitely enjoy the movie. As for me, i was appreciating the nostalgia and also my Emma Watson.

Imma give this movie a 7/10, because i personally think that there were a lil bit too much of singing. Definitely not a 10 becaue it is impossible and i’m just being salty.

p.s I went with a friend of mine and he did not turn gay.




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