2 am

Late night thoughts

2.00 am

It’s 2 am and here i am creating this post just to get things off my mind. I’ve been sick for the past few days and it’s really annoying. I feel weak, ┬áboth mentally and physically. I am not able to do the things that i want to do, eat what i want to eat. Everything is restricted and i am far beyond drained.My throat hurts too and im guessing it’s from the purging.

As i’m typing this, i am feeling a very disturbing pain on my left side of my stomach . Me being curious, i decided to hit the google page and start typing,

– why am i feeling pain on the left side of my stomach-

*hits enter*

The results came out and most of them are chronic cases of pancreatitis, and some other stuff.( you can hit the search engine and see it for yourself)

Well done sab. That is defo not gonna help with your paranoia tsk tsk. I’m trying to comfort myself by thinking maybe it’s just trapped gas and i just need to fart more. *farts* oh excuse me.

(tbh i was expecting some cancerous things to come up because..well that’s what the internet does. Even when you search up things with keywords such as headache, the topic brain tumor will appear on the first page of results LMFAO)